About Venue

LuoGang Convention Center, Guangzhou

No. 3, West, Xiangxue Ave, Guangzhou, China

Convention Center Overview

vFour-star standard comprehensive hotel conference service


v13 different purpose conference venues

v600 people banquet hall

vFully equipped,elegant decoration

Architectural Significance

vLuogang Convention Center adopts the superimposed building mode to form the four main buildings and emphasizes the concept of integration of humanities, architecture and nature with large landscaping.

Conference Services

vThe large staircase hall-style meeting room with excellent lighting and sound and other professional equipment, is in line with international standards,is suitable for conferences, concerts or art show and so on.

vIt has a lift stage, full background projection screen, semi-fixed ladder seats and professional lighting and sound equipment, is suitable for small and medium-sized meetings, lectures or small performances.

vAccording to the UN conference room design concept, it's suitable for world-class seminars or major summit forums.